About Powder Hill London

Nicola Pulvertaft is a London-based fine jewellery designer

“As a child I loved creating intricate pieces when I would tie salmon flies for my father before he went fishing. I remember this wonderful treasure trove of neon silks, gold threads, peacock feathers and stoat tails that I would rummage through to make these tiny jewelled insects from.”

After leaving art school with a degree in Three-Dimensional Metals and gaining a diploma in Fine Art from the prestigious Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, founder and creative director Nicola Pulvertaft has, over the last 15 years, made a name for herself as a British fine jeweller and craftswoman, creating exquisite, unusual and delightfully witty pieces. Renowned for her signature themes of wildlife, Victorian adornment and country field sports with a quirky and playful English edge, Nicola has designed exclusive collections for Harvey Nichols and Holland & Holland and also creates bespoke pieces as private commissions. Nicola chose the name Powder Hill to reflect the Old English roots of her intriguing family name (Pulver = Powder, Taft = Hill). A trained yoga teacher, Nicola also hosts international yoga retreats and classes through her www.yo-goretreats.com brand.